Tedley Meralus

Linux Engineer

My Code and Conscience

27 May 2020

Landed on Mercury

My cousin Alan once told us a joke. A duck walks into a bar and asks “Got any grapes?” Bartender...

01 Jan 2020

My Development Environment

Always changing, always adapting As a Linux Administrator and IT Professional you run into many co workers and people who...

12 Apr 2019

Haiti's Read to Succeed Project

Read to Succeed Charity https://readtosucceed.today Library Dr Bardel Belizaire is a non-profit organization that was opened to inspire people of...

27 Feb 2019

Slow steps to Freedom and Open Source

Migration from Modern Monetization Making the move from common and convenient software to free and open source software can be...

24 Feb 2019

Terminator Terminal App

NEW APP ALERT Terminator Working in Linux and Terminal has never been this resourceful! The Terminator app is an app...

22 Feb 2019

Linux File Structure Explained

If you’re coming from Windows, the Linux file system structure can be a bit intimidating and confusing. The C:\ drive...

22 Feb 2019

New App Alert Nat-Geo

NEW APP ALERT Have you ever logged into your computer and felt overwhelmed with a sense of boredom because your...