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Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. And like air, no one should be denied it.

Coming from a place of change and constant motion I use my words to slow down and take note. As a brother and son to a family of smart-witted individuals who enjoy taking their creativity and find outlets to release them. Mine is within a pen and pad. Tedley’s Poetry Portal is a way to keep a list of the poems, finished, unfinished, alive, and dead.

Daily Dose

Many words catch peoples attention, Poems can be recited at the sound of a mention, Everyday I wake up and this poem teaches me a lesson, I pray one day it does the same for you, Read them as words, or Read them as Blessings

Winners Vs Losers

Winners vs Losers

The Winner is always part of the answer;
the Loser is always part of the problem.

The Winner always has a program;
the Loser always has an excuse.

The Winner says, “Let me do it for you”;
the Loser says, “That’s not my job.”

The Winner sees an answer for every problem;
the Loser sees a problem for every answer.

The Winner says, “It may be difficult but it is possible”; the
Loser says, “It may be possible but it is too difficult.”

When a Winner makes a mistake, he says, “I was wrong”;
when a Loser makes a mistake, he says, “It wasn’t my fault.”

A Winner makes commitments;
a Loser makes promises.

Winners have dreams;
losers have schemes.

Winners say, “I must do something”;
losers say, “Something must be done.”

Winners are a part of the team;
losers are apart from the team.

Winners see the gain;
losers see pain.

Winners see possibilities;
losers see problems.

Winners believe in win/win;
losers believe for them to win someone has to lose.

Winners see the potential;
losers see the past.

Winners are like a thermostat;
losers are like thermometers.

Winners choose what they say;
losers say what they choose.

Winners use hard arguments, but soft words;
losers use soft arguments, but hard words;

Winners stand firm on values but compromise on petty things;
losers stand firm on petty things but compromise on values.

Winners follow the philosophy of empathy:
“Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you”;
losers follow the philosophy,
“Do it to others before they do it to you.”

Winners make it happen;
losers let it happen.

Author: Unknown

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