To test your site locally, you’ll need to install the following

Installing ruby

Ruby has Ways to download ruby packges.

On an Linux system you can follow this Ruby Installation link

On a Mac OS, older versions of ruby will already be installed. To get the latest versions of Ruby you can use the Ruby Version Manager (RVM).

On a Windows system, use RubyInstaller.

Installing the github-pages gem

Run the following command in terminal or with your package manager:

$ gem install github-pages

This will install the github-pages gem and all jekyll dependencies needed.

You can also update the github pages gem or any gem by running the following:

$ gem update github-pages

Testing your site locally

Now that these packages are installed you can move to your folder where your jekyll based site is and run

$ jekyll build

This will create a _site/ directory, that will have everything in your assets/ folder, and all files ending in .md in the pages/ dir.

To test the site on your local workstation you can type

$ jekyll serve

The output of the command should point you to the domain where your page can be seen.

Now open your browser and go to http://localhost:4000