Nat-Geo App

Have you ever logged into your computer and felt overwhelmed with a sense of boredom because your wallpaper is dull. Are you tired of looking at the same pictures that Ubuntu has to offer and need just a lil more spice every time you log onto your computer. Well this app created by atareao should brighten up your day.

The National-Geographic-wallpaper App is hands down one of the best apps I have found in my year of linux due to its simplicity and ease of use.

Obviously from the name it will automatically change your wallpaper every day for you to National Geographic’s Photo of the day. I have this installed on my laptop, Office workstation, and Desktop at home with different setups for each. This app allow you to switch between National Geographic’s Photo of the day, to Bing, GoPro, NASA, and Wallhavens photos as well. After a long day or a strong coffee in the early morning its always refreshing to start working or turn on your computer to see a new and interesting image on your computer screen. One less thing to be automated.