Working in Linux and Terminal has never been this resourceful! The Terminator app is an app that allows you to open up multiple terminals sessions in one window and multitask effortlessly. You can split terminal sessions horizontally or vertically, add groups to run the same command on multiple servers and much more. Screenshot


Helps with making configuration changes when working with web servers or apps. It can help with making changes to a python app, and reading logs to debug issues with the app at the same time. If I could count how many times this has saved me when working on things in my Linux environment it would equate to at least 1/10 of the lines in the linux kernel. Side note: The total size of the kernel grew from 13 million lines of code and 33,000 files in 2010 to 15 million lines of code and 37,000 files in 2011.

With a customizable Menu Terminator-Menu

The app allows you to add some style to your terminal. It never ceases to amaze me the people that become dazed and confused when they see me working in multiple screens.

In a previous blog I mentioned a few fun things like running a campfire from your terminal, or checking the current phases of the moon, or checking the latest trends and values of crypto currency all at the same time (see image below). Screenshot2

I think you catch my drift. This app is best used for system administrators, programmers looking to read errors logs and debugging code, or anyone with a linux terminal. Check out the app here and thank the Development team


Terminator Campfire Terminal Crypto Rates Weather and Moon Phases in Terminal