Tedley Meralus

Linux Engineer

Linux Engineer | Web and App Developer | Poet

Welcome to my slice of the Internet.

I am a creative person who writes poems, short stories, builds software, and web sites and code. I am highly experience in website and application development, system administration, and scalability through automation. I have worked professionally in mixed environments allowing me to grow my knowledge base in commercial open source software and tech standards. Over the past few years I’ve become experienced in Ansible and DevOps strategies in the IT industry.

I have my turned passions art, technology, and open source software into a profitable means of living.

  • I enjoy writing useful & reusable software tools to help others — check out my projects page.

  • I’m addicted to basketball, poetry, traveling, history, quizzes and trivia’s, getting into philosophical debates, and meeting new people.

  • My Poetry Portal Poetry Portal is a nice place to see some of my written and animated work.

  • You can view my resume here

As I have grown and learned through the years I have found writing a useful resource for not only myself but others in the Linux and tech communities. I spend my free time working with linux, automation tools, DevOps strategies, open source tools, and documenting potentially valuable content as I go.

Click here to look at a few of my current (and older) projects

You can email me or find me on Twitter if you want to get in touch.