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My Code and Conscience

10 Sep 2018

Classic Vegan Kitchen

Classic Vegan Kitchen http://www.garciatruckfood.com/classic-vegan-kitchen/ CVK, Keeping it Classic Look for our black and white classic truck in South Florida The...

27 Aug 2018

create aliases

Using Linux aliases How to define a Linux alias Unix/Linux alias examples and syntax Have a favorite Linux alias? Using...

13 Aug 2018

Bash-Scripting and Backups

This blog is inspired by Ninite and the OMGUBUNTU’s Things to do after installing Ubuntu. During your lifetime you’ll have...

06 Aug 2018

New App Alert Stress Test Tool

NEW APP ALERT In the midst of listening to weekly Linux Unplugged podcast and searching the catacombs of Github I...

16 Feb 2018

Nick Foles and Ansible

The Philly Special (also known as Philly Philly) was a trick play between Philadelphia Eagles players Corey Clement, Trey Burton...

04 Oct 2017

Tedley's Poetry Portal

Poetry Portal is a personal page all of Ted's poetry and passion https://poet.tedley.me Knowledge, like air, is vital to life....

08 Jul 2017

Common Ground Coffee Bar

www.cglakeworth.org Common Ground Lake Worth is a community development center for Lake Worth locals and all people to enjoy art...